Thursday, April 29, 2010

More spring greens

Week two of the spring share and we're rolling along with the greens and radishes. This week's bags have small bunches of mibuna and mizuna which are excellent raw in salad, and they also hold up to tossing in with warm grain salads. We have thinnings from flashy lightning and blushed butter lettuces, also perfect for salads or sandwhiches. The first two plantings of radishes came on strong in the plastic tunnel so there's a decent sized bunch. Radish greens are edible but shoul be cooked first to rid them of their slightly hairy texture. The roots are quite mild in the spring and can be enjoyed either fresh or cooked. They give nice color to salad or pair well with butter and salt on a baguette.

Today we're dodging rain showers, trying to catch up on one more lettuce planting, and mowing grass which is growing prolifically right now. I'll try to post more photos soon. Also, we still have shares available so let everyone know.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Spring Share

Looks like a great first share this week to kick off the spring season. Due to the late start we have a few extra radishes. There's a leek, which will have particularly flavorful greens, two types of lettuce and three types of mustard greens. The mustards are very mild salad types. The frilly one is called gold frill, the long thin rounded one is mibuna and the serrated leafed one is mizuna. The larger of the two lettuces is flashy lightning which was grown in the new hoop house, and there's a little cosmo savoy lettuce that was seeded outside very early. Next week we should have more of these greens, and maybe a new itm or two. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the kale and collard raab which is very sweet and can be eaten raw, or even better, lightly cooked.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First harvest next week!


Crops are growing, and looking, good. We've got greens that should be a nice size by next week and they will appreciate some thinning. The garlic and onions that came through the winter look great. And, our first transplants from the greenhouse are ready to go out. Kji's been holding down the fort while I've been traveling the last week (I'm posting this from BC where I'm traveling this week). I stopped by on Monday to check things out and make him pose for a few photos. It poured in the morning but dried out enough by afternoon to seed carrots so we're doing pretty good.


Friday, April 2, 2010

New Drop Site


We're adding a new drop site to the list - back in SE, but not quite as far SE as last year's site. This one will be in the neighborhood of 17th and Alder. Let us know if you're interested...