Thursday, October 8, 2009

10 more weeks, or so...

Today's share continues the transition into cool weather, with a few hold outs from the summer. There's a bit of cilantro, a sweet pepper or two, a little tomato of one sort or another, and a few folks get the last of the very small summer squash and cucumbers (we pulled the plants today and planted onions for next season in their place). Lettuce is also on its way out but we'll have a couple more weeks of that before we transition into other greens. We pulled another carrot planting that rodents of one sort or another let us know were ready, some of the carrots have cut spots where we cut away the parts they had pre-sampled. Very small beets from summer plantings that never really took off are in the share. When we turned up the soil to plant cover crop following those beets we discovered an outrageous network of bindweed roots, which might have had something to do with it. Lastly, celery makes its debut. This is soup celery, not the type you necessarily want to makes ants on a log with. It's very full of flavor, which makes it great for cooking. Depending on how the weather holds out (frost mostly being the issue) we'll have a few more rounds of celery and maybe even a few more tomatoes. The winter greens are looking good right now and if the rodents stay away from the roots we should have a good supply of carrots, parsnips, root parsley (their favorite), salsify and scorzonera. We also pulled some small popcorn ears today and I need to count to make sure we have enough, the pollenation wasn't great but I'm optimistic.

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