Thursday, December 3, 2009

New vegetables

There are a few unusual vegetables in this week's share but all are easy to prepare and enjoy. Parsley is easy, I didn't used to use it much but chop it, sautee it in a bit of olive oil and it makes a great sauce/coating for pretty much anything and the heat gives it a really nice sweetness. Some folks will see a handful of spinach this week, others will get a bunch of raab. Again, sautee lightly in olive oil and all will be good. Everyone is getting a bit of radicchio this week. These heads are related to the escarole that went out earlier and are good raw or cooked. They can be pleasantly bitter raw, but if you don't enjoy that flavor add a bit of heat and it will go away. Lastly are scorzonera and salsify, the black and white roots in the share. These are sometimes called oyster root, and if peeled and boiled they have a faint oyster flavor with a root texture. You can also fry slices until golden to bring out their sweetness. One word of warning, they both discolor rapidly after peeling or slicing and have a slightly sticky sap. To prevent discoloring put cut pieces into water with a little lemon. Two more weeks to go, enjoy the last vegetables of the fall.

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