Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CSA Updates


Spring is coming just a bit late for us here at the farm. After our scheduled 2 week "spring break" from harvest, we were hoping to start up next week but it looks like we're a little late getting the greens going so it'll be a 4 week break instead. We're a little sad about that but we're still plugging away and all of those two weeks of produce will just show up in the next shares.

We're also looking for more members to join in supporting the farm, to eat the produce and help pay for our labors. If you know anyone who eats, or if you eat (and live within a reasonable distance), consider signing up for a spring share - just $57. Spread the word!


More farm news...
Our propagation situation is vastly improved this year with automatic water, a covered space, and heat mats. There are a bunch of things seeded in the flat above, but I thought it was interesting to see that the first seeds to germinate were right in the cells that were on the heat mat, while the other cells which were hanging off the heat mat were late in germinating. Why do things so obvious as this still fascinate me after doing this for so long?

More interesting that that, perhaps, is that we're closing the loop and spreading last year's composted sod back on the beds. Onions, garlic, potatoes, and arugula have all been treated to a generous helping of compost, in addition to the regular amending of the soil that we do.


The dry weather of the last few weeks helped us catch back up after we got behind early in the season. We'll see how long this rain cycle lasts and wether we get behind again. Meanwhile we're getting little construction projects done and working under plastic.

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