Monday, December 5, 2011

Roots and Greens

Continuing to deviate from the plan laid this time last fall, today's share has a bit of kale, a parsnip and a head of frisee.  Greens and roots are the order of business in the late fall through the spring and the hearty ones are coming out now that the frosts are more regular.  This morning we had to wait until almost noon for the field to thaw, and it was a bit after that when the fog finally burned off.  We kept warm by sifting and spreading compost, a task I managed to avoid all summer.  

The kale is rainbow lacinato and the cold is really bringing out beautiful dark colors, as well as sweetness.  More frisee in the share this week.  It's been a good one for us so far, and it's holding up to the cold quite nicely.  Remember that it needs good cleaning and soaking it in water for 15+ minutes helps sweeten it up.  Parsnip is making its first, and probably only appearance of the year.  Germination was ok this year, but the weeds got a bit out of hand.  We were able to remedy that, more or less, but now our friends the voles have started going after them and there are quite a few that have nothing left but a top.  If you haven't cooked with them before they are sweet when roasted or boiled.  They go well in soup or a root roast, or even shredded into latkes.  

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