Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Thank You Donation!

Today, Black Friday, I am donating all proceeds from any sale to aid the peaceful protests of the indigenous water protectors at Standing Rock.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a holiday that loosely remembers the generosity of the native people and a shared feast between the Wampanoag and the Plymouth colonists. I am thankful for so much and I really do sit in a place of privilege so I'm inspired to make a small offering today, Black Friday, inspired by the generosity the Wampanoag modeled at the first Thanksgiving, the specific example that Patagonia is setting by donating all of their sales today to environmental causes, and so many more who work to make this world a better place for everyone, I am donating 100% of any sales today to help the peaceful protesters at Standing Rock.

I still have a couple hundred pounds of delicious Marina di Chioggia winter squash in sizes ranging from about 4 - 14 pounds and about 20 bags of Otto File polenta corn (whole kernels) to sell. These are both named Italian varieties but are crops that were originally brought to Italy from the americas, shared by the indigenous people on this continent. The photo above is of the 18 pound Marina di Chioggia that I stuffed for Thanksgiving (in retrospect I wish I had stuffed it with cornbread, but alas, it's just old sourdough crusts and vegetables - still incredibly tasty). I also have whole ears of dry choclo corn which have big, long kernels that are delicious cooked whole and eaten as a side, or in a stew. The squash will keep for at least a couple of months, the corn will keep for at least a year.

Prices and ordering information and more tips on how to use the corn and squash are in the previous post. The choclo ears yield about 1-2 cups of corn and are $4 each. If you would like it cleaned and shelled it is $8 for a 2 cup bag. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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