Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cold and wet

Remember when it was cold and wet this spring? One of the priveldges of being a farmer is that we get to work outside in all weather conditions. This week it's hot and dry, record breaking hot if you hadn't already noticed. What does this mean for the plants? It means they're using a bit more water trying to stay cool, and durring the hot parts of the day they're probably not growing as they shift into suvival mode. Certainly the cool weather greens like lettuce, kale and chard are unhappy this week, but a lot of the warmer season crops may be suffering a little as well. It's hard to say how much this will matter in the long run. It will probably limit fruit set on peppers and tomatoes. We'll have to wait until Thusday to see what it does to this week's share, but definitely try to get yours damp and cool as soon as possible when you get it home as it will likely be holding a little extre heat. I'm away this week so Danny is flying solo and there may not be the usual photo uploaded day of. Stay cool.

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