Saturday, August 1, 2009

After 24 hours of heat

I got back from BC last night and picked up my share off the porch after it had sat there for more than 24 hours - a little yellowing but everything was still in pretty good shape considering how hot it's been and that it hadn't yet seen any refrigeration at all. When you get vegetables from us you're getting the freshest possible, aside from walking out in your garden, getting down on all fours and starting to graze. This freshness, when properly harvested and packed, should keep well in your refrigerator if you can't eat it right away. We pick when the vegetables are cooler in the morning and then cool them further with cold well water. Then we pack them in cotton bags, soaked with that same cold well water. That wet bag helps keep the produce from drying out, and it also adds some cooling as the water evaporates. You can do this in your fridge, or on your counter, as well, but the fridge tends to dry the bags quickly so wet them often or add a plastic bag if you go for the fridge option. I've experimented and had my share last well over a week, still in good shape. Happy eating.

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