Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week 15

Here's one version of the week 15 share. The shares vary a bit due to different squash varieties, tomato varieties, and an occasional cucumber. Everyone this week is getting a small sprig of dill (I was making room for more plantings), a few basil tops, emerald oak lettuce (there may be a lettuce gap next week as the next planting is a bit behind), a tomato, or several of one variety or another, same with summer squash, two italian plums courtesy of Yianni and Jessica's tree, and a handful of tavera french beans.

It's a busy time on the farm, all of the fall plantings are going in now so it's the second biggest planting time of the year. The bindweed is going crazy so I'm trying to keep that from burying some of the young crops while everything else happens. Danny will be back next week and I'm looking forward to a little faster harvest.

Oh, if you've been stockpiling Slow Hand Farm bags please bring them back. I was a bit short today and had a beg a few plastic bags off of Sauvie Island Organics to make up the difference. Have a great week.

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