Thursday, September 3, 2009


A little dill and cilantro this week along with a few new partial crops. We harvested just a handful of Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers and the first few melons. We probably will only end up with enough melons for everyone to get half so we will put the in shares pre cut. They should all ripen within the next three weeks and we will have peppers into October with any luck. Some folks are getting a few more beans from the end of this planting. There is another planting that should be ready soon. The lettuce today is a mix of blushed butter cos and blushed icy oak. Tomato varieties, cucumbers and summer squash are distributed randomly through the shares and there are also a few beet thinnings. Italian plums continue to ripen slowly so there is one in the share to round things out. Our last planting of lettuce goes in today. We are almost done planting for the season so now we can concentrate a little more on weeding and cleaning up before it starts raining.

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