Friday, February 12, 2010

Detailed information on 2010/11 Shares


I've finally posted our plans for the spring, summer, fall and winter shares. These are the files we use to plan out our plantings and to estimate prices for the shares. We also look at these files every week when we're harvesting to see what we planned and how the plan needs to change to match the conditions in the field on that particular week.

Last year's plan ended up being quite different from the actual if you look at any particular week. Some items we had more than expected, others we had less, or none at all. There were even a few items that we tossed in that weren't even on the original plan. This year will certainly be no different, but the plan should at least give you an idea of the basic quantity of items we're shooting for, as well as the mix we expect to have.

If you do end up with a share and you feel inspired to track the items in the share, your perceived value each week and any other details, we'd love to end up with those details at the end of the season. We also track these, but they're from our perspective and we love constructive feedback from members.


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  2. I'm having a hard time locating when/where pick ups are? could you direct me please? thanks.

  3. The pick up information is in the February 2010 post on "how to sign up for a share" under the "third" step. Hope that helps, if not let me know.