Monday, February 8, 2010

How to Sign up for a Share


We have options for you: different numbers of shares, different seasons, and different places to pick up your share. There are also different ways to pay, all of these are outlined below, but if you have more questions please leave a comment and we'll try to answer soon...

First - Decide how many shares you want

Single Share - this is the option for individuals who don’t cook in large quantities, or folks who just want a sampler of what the farm offers

A Couple of Shares - If you’re two people, consider buying two shares, also appropriate for individuals who cook a lot

A Threesome or More - Add up as many shares as you can use in a week, or between delivery days.


Decide which seasons you want produce for

Spring - In many ways this is the most challenging season for us, starting as early as possible in April we’ll bring you baby greens and the few accompaniments we can coax from the ground early in the season.

Summer - This season starts with greens and the first truly warm season crops and grows to a crescendo with many types of fruiting vegetables and salad items.

Fall - A surprisingly bountiful time on the farm with the last remnants of summer crops, roots reaching their peak, and hearty greens sweetening with cold weather

Winter - Technically this will be distributed in 2011, but we’ll be planting the crops in 2010 and you’ll need to sign up then as well so we’ll consider it a part of that season.


Decide where you want to pick up your shares. Shares are packed in reusable, damp cotton bags that keep the vegetables cool and hydrated. We drop boxes of these bags filled with produce at different sites within our typical driving range, which extends from Sauvie Island, down into close in NE Portland. Last season we had a drop in SE Portland but that porch is no longer available to us. The list of current drop sites is below. We will consider adding sites to that list if there is enough demand, see the section on Creating a Drop Site below.

Current Drop sites and times:

Sauvie Island (at the farm), Monday and Thursday afternoons

St. Johns (near the library), Monday and Thursday evenings

Near East Yoga (NE 7th and Broadway), Monday and Thursday evenings

SE (near 17th and Alder) Thursday evenings only

note: for the spring we will likely only be delivering on Thursdays unless there is significant demand for Mondays

Shares are dropped at the above sites by 5:30 at the latest and are available for pick up for 24 hours before they are donated.

Creating a Drop Site

If you have a site that you think would be appropriate and popular let us know and we’ll consider adding it to our list. Our driving range is limited as this is a major expense we try to avoid, however if you’d like to arrange to pick up shares in bulk at one site and create another site somewhere else we’d love to have you do that. Potential sites to not need to be available both days, one day a week is enough. In order to add sites on our current routes we may be able to drop off shares along our way to other sites if there are at least 15 shares there.


Typically payment for all of the seasons is in the spring when most of our expenses are incurred (seed, soil amendments, bags, etc.) Shares are sold on a first come first served basis. This helps us concentrate on growing during the growing season, instead of marketing, book keeping and billing. We certainly understand that up front payment is not possible for everyone’s checkbook so we are happy to work with members who would prefer to create a payment plan as long as they are committed to the full length of the season(s) signed up for.


Single Spring Share - $57

Single Summer Share - $120

Single Fall Share - $75

Single Winter Share - $63

There is a 2% discount for signing up for two shares or two seasons at a time.

There is a 3% discount for signing up for three shares or three seasons at a time.

There is a 4% discount and our eternal gratitude for signing up for four or more seasons or four or more shares at a time.

Signing up for multiples helps reduce our administrative work which in turn helps reduce the cost of the share for you.

To Actually Sign Up:

We still use the US Postal Service and regular paper checks for sign ups. To reserve a spot e-mail (at the following information:

  • your name
  • your address (we don’t really need this but it’s nice to have)
  • your phone number (we do need this in case we need to contact you)
  • your e-mail address (the method we usually use for announcements
  • the seasons you are signing up for and the number of shares you would like
  • the site where you would like to pick up your share
  • the day you would prefer to pick up your produce (Monday or Thursday)

We'll send you an invoice and the address for submitting payment. If you need help with deciding what shares you would like, how much they cost, creating a payment plan, or any other questions please contact us by clicking on this link.

Once you are signed up for the CSA your payment is not refundable, however it is transferable, so you can find someone else to take over your share if you need to leave the CSA for any reason.


  1. Hello-
    I would like to get more info on your pricing as I am concerned mainly about budget and the other CSA's can get pretty spendy. I want to see what two shares of summer and fall would cost and an idea of what I would get. I live in Columbia City and would pick up at the farm. Also, do you grow organically?
    Thank you for your time.
    Laurie Falk

  2. Sorry, just found the pricing :) Duh...

  3. looking to share a share with a family-sized member or other single through the seasons. do you also offer eggs and bread?

  4. Hi Nancy,
    our shares are sized for individuals so there should be no sharing necessary - especially in the shoulder seasons. We've never actually had anyone ask about sharing before.

    We only offer vegetables, no eggs or bread. There are some CSAs out there that do - check out or for more listings.