Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arugula week

We went a little overboard with this week's share, especially in the arugula department. I think we may have seeded twice the arugula we meant to, so we'll give out twice as much... We also went ahead and thinned beets, probably a week earlier than we should have, but you can enjoy those, same as most greens, sauteed in a little olive oil or even steamed. I wouldn't recommend them raw. There's green garlic in the share, which combined with the arugula would make a lovely arugula pesto. I've been using mine to add a little flavor to soba noodles and in gyoza. Lettuce and the last of the radishes fill out the share. The lettuce is Flashy Lightning, a surprisingly buttery little lettuce with beautiful red spots.

Today's sun was a nice surprise and maybe we'll get a little this weekend to help warm the soil up for our summer crops. We've got a backlog of plantings to do with all of the new ground turned up. We're hoping the weather will cooperate next week as well.

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