Thursday, May 6, 2010

Small picture

This week a small picture, but actually the share looks pretty large to me. Arugula, green garlic and lettuce are all featured. If you haven't had green garlic before you can use the whole thing, greens and all. It's a bit like the scallion compared with a regular onion. Use it in soups, sauces, omelettes, etc. Spring arugula is tender and makes a great salad with just a bit of sharpness. I like it with fresh cheeses, like chevre and slightly sweet dressings.

We've been giving out slightly larger portions of a few crops in the shares this year for a few reasons. Basically we have extra, mostly because we're undersubscribed. We've debated how to handle the extras, and in the end we've been giving some of that to the members who have signed up, wanting to see it used. We're also looking for other outlets at this point and a bit of it has been going as sample shares, or into small commercial kitchens we know. If you know someone who would like a sample, and might actually be convinced by a sample to become a member let us know and we'll hook them up.

If you're wondering why the small photo, I'm actually in Philadelphia today visiting old friends and attending my 20th high school reunion. Usually I take a photo of the share on my phone, upload it and some text to the blog after we finish with harvest. I find that pretty amazing! Even more amazing this week, Kji harvested all of the shares solo, and now has texted me the photo, which I then pasted into an e-mail that posted to the blog. We might be small and hand scale, but we're certainly not low tech.

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