Monday, September 20, 2010

Final Summer Share

This week is the last of the summer and although we've missed out on a few of the crops we were hoping would make it into the summer share's it's been a decently full one. We're still waiting for the peppers to ripen, there's lots of fruit but it's slow with this weather. We did manage to get a half melon in today's shares, Delicious 51. Unfortunately the cool wet weather isn't optimal for developing sweetness in the melons but there's lots of melon flavor and texture there. I have a friend who makes melon soup with cayenne and almond milk which is delicious and these would certainly work well there - or just scooped out with a spoon directly to the mouth would work too. We have a few more tomatoes today, salvaged from the mass of split fruits caused by the inch of rain we got in the last few days. The lettuce likes the rain, and we've got more of the fresh beans today as well, although those are awfully slow with the weather as well. Summer squash and cucumbers continue to produce and we dug a few carrots as well to finish things off.

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