Monday, September 6, 2010

Tomato sampler

Today we hauled in a good number of tomatoes so there's a bit of most of them in each share. We're growing sungold cherries, and Chadwick's cherries which are almost small slicer sized. We also have tigerella, which is kind of like a big cherry as well, and has a bit of tiger striping. The plain red slicers are moscovich and the dark tomatoes are black prince. There's a bit more fennel. Apparently the mice really love the roots of these and we lost quite few to their chewing. Parsely is making its first appearance. I never used to eat parsley but it does sweeten up nicely when sauteed a little in oil and added to vegetables, or pasta or whatever you like. There's a little summer squash, as always, and there were just enough cucumbers for everyone to get one today. The cucumbers are coming on incredibly slowly. It got hot this afternoon, but the angle of the sun is much lower, so it's shining right against our bodies, warming us up, but it's glancing off the ground and not really warming the soil up the way it did a few weeks ago. The final item in the share today is a small bunch of raab. This was intended for the fall shares, but it has actually come on sooner than expected and so we're giving it out today. It's just enough for a little side, or to chop up and toss in with some pasta or rice.

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