Monday, November 8, 2010


Today's share brings another new item, sugarloaf chicory, also know as pan di zucchero. These tight, heavy heads are similar to the escarole we gave out earlier, but crunchier and tighter, with more of the desirable blanched (white) ribs. One way I've eaten them, which is very tasty, is to slice them in half and put them on a pan, face up, drizzle with olive oil and broil them so they are a bit cooked, then toss some coarse salt on and go at it. Also in the share are a few carrots, nantes types, a bit of rainbow lacinato (kale), and a few sprigs of sage, which would be perfect for sage tea with honey, or fried in butter as a topping on pasta. We're in the office this afternoon, continuing to plan for next year. If you have any ideas for us, now's a good time to let us know about them.


  1. Here's another way of eating the sugarloaf chicory: as you are driving or riding home after picking up your bag, grab leaves and wad them up. Chomp off bites as large as you can quickly manage. Savor the crunchy bitter-sweet juice reverently, with gratitude.

    Or saute chopped leaves in olive oil with sunflower seeds and a touch of sesame oil.

  2. Yay, that's what I like to hear, no cooking necessary! They are really tasty right now.