Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little Wet

The weather is noticeably wet, but it didn't really have much effect on the harvest today. Kji pulled leeks and salsify while I scrounged all the random chicories I could. Different shares have different chicories. The photo above shows a share with escarole and frisse hearts, and small radicchio and castlefranco heads.

While the harvest was relatively smooth today, our transportation to and from the farm was a bit trickier than usual. My car was broken into while I was away, leaving the steering column damaged and so I called Kji for a ride. Kji called me back after his car wouldn't start in the morning, which left us borrowing a car from the very generous Tricia. Unfortunately this also means that Kji is stuck doing all of the deliveries tonight. With a little luck we'll have at least one of our vehicles running by Monday.

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