Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!


Nothing like a nice warm fire to keep you cozy on a cold January day (although I admit the photo is from September and I'm no where near a fire right now).

I also have to admit, I haven't actually been out to the farm for more than two weeks! Kji, on the other hand, spent his holiday out there house sitting and reports that things seem to be hanging on. I didn't get any report on the number of voles trapped in that time.

Winter CSA will start this week, weather permitting, and we'll see how many harvests we can pull out in the next three months. We've settled on a plan for the 2011 spring, summer and fall shares, as well as the 2012 winter shares; prices too, so sign up now before they're all gone!

Also, and the fire reminded me of this, we've set dates for seasonal open houses/farm parties so mark your calendars. More details will follow, but the dates for now are March 20th, June 18th, and September 17th. There will be fun involved, definitely food, most likely some portion of that food will come from the above pictured oven, and maybe Kji will show off his mad hooping skills during the party this time, not just after...

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