Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shares Available

From SHF 2011

The shot above is Kji out in the field last week. Today I'm in the office, trying to get the seed order in and letting everyone know that we have shares available. Spring, summer, fall 2011 and winter 2012 shares are available right now, and sign ups now help pay for that seed order and the work we'll be doing any day now to start the seeds and get the plants in the ground. Details on how to sign up for a share are at our other website.

Our plan for the season is to do 40 shares in the spring, 70 in the summer and fall and 30 next winter. This is a few more than we did last year, but not as many as we had planned for. Kji also is expanding his other business in edible landscaping and is hoping to sell a little a farmers markets, including plant starts. You can follow news on that front over at his Edible Horizons blog.

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