Thursday, June 9, 2011

Abundant Arugula

A big bunch of arugula in the share today from a really beautiful planting. It's good fresh eating but it doesn't tend to keep as well as some of the other greens. One suggestion from Kji is to make arugula pesto. Just follow a regular pesto recipe and use arugula in the place of basil, delicious. You can also use the green garlic in the place of regular garlic. In fact, I would probably just wash and dry the arugula and garlic and toss them both in the food processor with a bunch of olive oil to make a sauce/spread that will keep in the freezer indefinitely (freeze it in ice cube trays for serving sized portions). Rounding out the share is emerald oak lettuce and the last of the tyee spinach.

We're getting a little behind in planting, but we've been doing a lot of clean up lately and set up of irrigation so mostly things feel like we're doing pretty well. If we can just get a bunch of beds prepped and planted next week we'll be doing great. Next week is the last week of spring, and a week from this Saturday will be our solstice party on the farm so make sure to save the date (4-8pm, more details soon). The Monday after will be our first summer season deliveries, and it's actually starting to feel like summer weather. I hope it keeps going this way.

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