Thursday, February 16, 2012

Last of the Leeks

Today's share not only has the last of the leek, but also the last of the gold ball turnips and a few of the chicory types.  There are also a good number of brussels sprouts in the share, although we may have a few more of those in a couple of weeks, or at least raab from those later in the year.  I cleared out the last of the sugarloaf, castlefranco and radicchio so different bags have different chicories.  These are all great salad greens.  The turnip greens, as well as the root, are edible, and would be good cooked and seasoned with a bit of vinegar on top.  The brussels need a bit of cleaning, usually that involves trimming the ends with a knife and removing the outside leaf.  These are small enough to sautee whole, or in halves.  I like to brown them in a bit of olive oil and then add a bit of water and balsamic, cover them and let them cook another few minutes until just tender.  

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