Monday, February 27, 2012


I got lucky today, it was dry and sunny all day.  I've been away for the last week so I'm not sure how the weather has been (it was snowing where I was in the Rocky Mountains).  Today was about as good as it could have gotten for getting seed into the ground, and that's what I did.  I spent the morning seeding onions and shallots in the greenhouse and rearranging trays in there (the reach in heated greenhouse is starting to fill up).  In the afternoon I managed to get some greens, turnips and peas seeded and covered.  I only seeded half of the peas, the other half are soaking next to me on my desk.  I'll dry them out tomorrow and then seed them on Thursday and see if they do better than the ones seeded today.  Today's weather was great for seeding but the weather the rest of the week doesn't look great for germination so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these seedings work out.

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