Thursday, December 6, 2012


No photo today, I apologize for that, it's been a bit of a crazy day. The share today is the same as Monday, although the been greens were looking better so I added them in as well. You might have noticed a couple of unintentional blog posts earlier today (I've taken them down now), the result of autofill in the email address line. I make my blog posts by email, which is convenient and also gives me a backup copy just incase something happens. I've had blogger loose too many posts while I was working on line so it seems safer to do it through e-mail. Except, the address that it gives me to upload is too similar to some other addresses I use and so I've always been worried that I would unintentionally post something. Today it happened. Fortunately it was just notes to the CSA telling folks that I'm short on bags, which happens every now and again. There was also a reminder in there that today is the last day to order T-shirts. if you want one don't delay, let me know now.

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