Monday, December 3, 2012

Red and Gold

Today's share has radicchio, kestrel beets, and gold ball turnips and greens. Radicchio is tricky because it seems like just as the heads are really getting good the voles always find them and they must be a favorite because they can take out quit a few in short order. If you're not familiar with radicchio it is like the other chicories in that it is sweet and crunchy and has a slight bitter edge that many folks really like. That bitter is tamed with cooking, but it can also be eaten raw and goes well with strong salty, sweet, or fatty foods, contrasting nicely. The gold balls and their greens are thinnings from the winter planting. The greens can be a little stringy so cut them up before cooking. I have a lot of beets to get out of the field so there's a nice little bunch of roots today, and there should be one more distribution before the end if the season. It has been an unusually bountiful beet year on the farm so enjoy it while it lasts.

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