Friday, May 1, 2009

Long Distance Farming

Modern technology is amazing. You're reading a blog post that I wrote on a little phone in the middle of the Pacific while camped out in a spot with no power, gravity fed water catchment, and only a big tarp to keep me dry. Unfortuately it's a little harder to dig beds and plant seeds with the phone so I'm leaving that part up to Danny, who isn't on the shoulder of a volcano in the Pacific right now. The technology that we use for growing vegetables isn't quite as impressive as my little phone's but plants don't need too much to help them grow. Water, air, good soil, and light, that's about it. We use simple steel hand tools to open up spaces for the plants to grow and to keep competetive weeds at bay. In honesty, we do use quite a bit of technology on the farm to help with production. The irrigation system consists of an electric well pump hooked into plastic drip lines. We'd be working a lot harder if it weren't for the internal combustion vehicles that haul us, our tools, and the produce. So, this is no Luddite farm. We're just trying to grow in a way that produces great food and limits our ecological footprint.

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