Friday, May 22, 2009

We're ok, g-mail. Really.

Danny packing shares - From SHF CSA

Well, the third times a charm. I maybe should have put two and two together after the first report of g-mail sending my e-mail to the CSA about the first pick up in her spam folder. The second report came in last night and then this morning I heard from Danny that three members he knows didn't get the message either - all g-mail accounts. So, if you have a g-mail account and you're signed up for the CSA I'll be trying to reach you and you should see if you can set your account up to accept e-mail from me.

By the way, we love to get good feedback and I for one was really happy to get early appreciation on the shares last night. We're having a lot of fun growing the vegetables and are as excited about harvest as you all are. We're also putting a lot of effort into growing a share that people want to eat so it's great to hear back when people (that means you) are enjoying the fruits (or more appropriately vegetables) of our labor.

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