Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's the trench for?

You may have noticed there's a trench in the bed on the right. Down at the bottom of the trench we seeded leeks. Those grow pretty slowly so we also seeded some lettuce (if I remember correctly) up on the shoulders. The idea is that the lettuce will be harvested and then we'll start filling the trench back in. By filling in the trench we'll get nice, long, white leeks. This works, at least the filling in the trench part. I haven't actually grown lettuce on the shoulders before but I'm pretty confident that will work as well.

In the bed on the left Danny is carting off the sod before forking the soil to open it up and then raking it flat. Our beds are 100 square feet and it takes us at least three hours to prep a bed for planting, depending on the soil condition and moisture. With all of that time into preparing a bed we have a lot of incentive to maximize our use of the space.

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