Thursday, June 18, 2009



Here's a photo of today's share. We're a bit lettuce heavy as of late. I've lost track of all the varieties in the share but I believe there's some pirat, blush icy oak, and emerald oak in the share this week. Some of the varieties we're clearing out the beds making space for more plantings, and some we're thinning to let the rest get bigger. We also thinned carrots and kale today. The carrots are yellowstone and napoli, both very tasty little treats that you'll be seeing more of through the year. The kale is another Frank Morton variety, rainbow lacinato.


I've realized that you're getting some sizes, shapes and varieties that you wouldn't be seeing if you were buying at a farmers market, or in the store. These thinnings are what you'd get if you had your own garden, and that's kind of what this is, your own garden that we just happen to work for you.

Today we planted some of the fall crops and a few that you might see this summer. A reseed of pole beans for dry beans went in - hopefully not too late but certainly at least a month later than I'd like. We also transplanted some celery and fennel to replace seedings of those that failed earlier this spring. Parsley, scorzonera, and salsify were all seeded as well. I'm hoping to get a few more peppers in tomorrow as well as some root parsley.

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