Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Moon Seeding

From SHF 2011

We thought we'd take advantage of the new moon and try a seeding in the hoop house. The days just before the new moon are generally good for direct seeding crops and the weather right now is also indicating good seeding, as the soil had dried a bit to be workable (it's really usually that way under plastic anyway) and we have a bit of a warm up and precipitation coming in the next few days.

We also took a look at what we have out in the fields and decided we will do a harvest tomorrow. We'll see if we can get some nice kale, collard and turnip greens, a bit of mache, and the last of the scorzonera. Check back tomorrow to see how it worked, it's going to be a bit dependent on how fast things thaw out tomorrow after the expected freeze tonight.


  1. What did you plant? Yay for seeds and new moons. I have Radish, Chard, and Spinach to trial today!

  2. We tossed in some radish, also carrots, beets, arugula, mibuna, lettuce, and mizuna. We're looking for some early salads.