Thursday, May 12, 2011

Great Greens

That was interesting, blogger offline for the good part of a day. Here's the details on the above photo. You're looking at a share with spinach, arugula, lettuce and turnips. The Hakurei turnips are getting rave reviews as always. If you haven't had them before you really need to try eating the roots raw, so sweet. The greens are great too, but they can be a just a little stringy so I recommend chopping them up before cooking to make chewing easier.

This is the last spinach out of the greenhouse. We split our early spinach planting between the greenhouse and outside covered with row cover. I'm not sure we'll be able to harvest anything off of the outside as it looks like there might have been a little cold damage early on. The second outside planting looks much better fortunately.

The Lettuce this week comes in two forms. Some folks are getting more of the Jester, which, like Frank said, is a great crisp, with lots of character. I also cut a bunch of early Pirat red butter lettuce so some folks got that instead. There'll be more of both of these in the future.

Finally, the arugula was our second outside seeding. The first failed, although I'm not exactly sure why, probably the cold wet, but you never know.

I just stuck a second photo into the post below. Following a hot tip from Karl Grobl on his blog I decided to download the Pano App in the morning and this three shot panorama of the farm is my first attempt at using it. Pretty amazing and simple to use. I don't know Karl, but I've been following his blog for a few months now and he takes beautiful photos, mostly of people, that tell stories about other parts of the world. He's also very generous with sharing details of how he works and I appreciate that transparency.

From SHF 2011

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