Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grass fed vegetables

I was actually afraid it was going to be sunny today, and was happy that it drizzled and then was overcast. Strange. We got a lot of mowing done in the afternoon, and didn't have to worry about setting up irrigation yet. The mowing made me think about what a great grass growing climate we have, and how most of our compost is fed by grass in one form or another. In turn the compost feeds the crops, thus, grass fed vegetables.

In the share today we harvested some beautiful, very sweet little Hakurei turnips out of the greenhouse (while it was drizzling). If you haven't had these before, they're great raw and the greens are good cooked. You can also cook, or pickle, the roots. I also thinned more of our garlic planting for some green garlic. Frank Morton was raving about his new variety of lettuce Jester, and he gave me some seed to try, so that's what's in the share today, a little Jester. It seems to be super quick, much faster than any of the other lettuce we have out in the field. It's still early for full sized lettuce, but with a little sun we'll get there.

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