Thursday, May 19, 2011

Here comes the sun

And I hope this signals a bit of warm weather to go with it. It did mean that we started irrigating, a little, today, and that's a bit of extra work. But, it'll make preparing the rest of the beds for planting a lot easier, and we have a lot of beds to prepare right now. In the share today we have a small head of lettuce. I harvested Pirat, Blushed Icy Oak, and Flashy Lightning so you'll have to look in your bag to see which one you got. There are a couple of French Breakfast radishes. The greens are edible on these, but are best cooked. The radishes, unfortunately, have seen a little slug damage so just eat around that or ignore it, it shouldn't really effect anything except for how they look. We also pulled the last of the Hakurei turnips (did I say that last week?) Finally, there were some leftover cippolini onion starts from the planting last week. They looked so big and nice that we pulled them out of the potting mix, cleaned 'em up and stuck them in the shares. These will work just like green onions and should hold up to cooking very nicely. Use the whole thing, greens, through roots (but clean them a bit more before you use the roots). Oh, I almost forgot the spinach. This is more Tyee from our second outside planting. The first seems like it might have suffered from the cold early on, but this planting is beautiful and there's a nice little handful in each bag.

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