Monday, October 31, 2011

Beautiful Fall Weather

The past few work days on the farm have been beautiful, cool and damp in the mornings for harvest, clearing into sunny warm afternoons that have been very productive.  We're getting just enough rain between work days to keep everything growing.  Of course, now that I've said that it will probably freeze hard and then start raining for the next six months, but in the meantime I've been appreciating the weather.

Today's share has a few of the leftover garlic cloves that we popped for seed, perfectly edible but they won't keep for quite as long as a head.  New in the share this week is celeriac, or celery root.  We've left the tops on because they can be cooked just like celery, although they're a bit tough for raw eating.  The roots are the main feature though.  I like to peel and cube them, and then boil them with potatoes and make mashed potatoes and celeriac.  They also make great soup, or they can be cut into sticks and parboiled, cooled and put on salad.  Along with the celeriac is more spinach, the first kale distribution of the fall and some cilantro that was unexpected.

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  1. Celeriac is delish. Looking forward to making mashers with this root. I'll also eat all the seed garlic SHF can provide. Great stuff.