Thursday, October 20, 2011


Share today is basically the same as Monday.  The peppers are different varieties, but all still sweet, green and needing a little time on the counter to color.  One new addition to the farm this week are some "quick hoops" bent from 1/2" emt conduit.  We've tried to everything as simply as possible, but the weather has been really cold and wet the last two years and we're wanting to help speed things up a bit in the spring, get some of the summer crops off to a good start, and give a little more protection to some of the fall and winter crops so we're trying out these hoops to keep the floating row cover we're already using up off of the plants.  The row cover works on the plants, but it limits the air flow and we've had some quality issues in the past so I'm hoping this solution will improve things dramatically.  More likely it'll improve things a little and introduce a bit more complexity into the system.  

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