Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Winter Veggies

A bit of a wet harvest today. I emptied the overflowing rain gage when I started harvesting and two plus hours later when I stopped for lunch it already had another half inch in it. Other than all the mud I had to clear off of the roots, it actually didn't make too much of a difference. Now that it's warmer and wetter, as opposed to the cold dry weather we've been having, I am noticing a lot more slugs and a but more rot.
I'm very happy with the shares today. The deer have just started to find the brassicas but they left all of the cabbage for us. The gold ball turnips are looking beautiful and have useable leaves on them as well. I pulled the last of the root parsley and kestrel beets, and the voles left enough radicchio for everyone to get a few slightly immature heads. With the radicchio if I had left it any longer to mature they probably would have eaten them all.

The above picture shows what happens when the voles have their way. They start with the root and then eat the heart out leaving the outer leaves behind.
As far as suggestions go for using the share, radicchio is the item that we've had the least of. In the past. It's a great salad "green," slightly bitter but also sweet and crunchy like romaine so a Caesar dressing works well with it. I also like it with a little oil, blue cheese and candied nuts. The gold ball turnip is another newish one. The greens are good sautéed, maybe with a little hot pepper vinegar. The roots are good roasted in chunks, and you could roast the parsley root and beets at the same time. Cabbage I like to prepare just like the turnip greens, and the have them with rice and beans and tortillas. All of these vegetables will keep well if you don't use them right away.

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