Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Office Time

What's exciting on the farm right now?  I'm not sure, I haven't been out in the field since last week, but I have been in the office.  The big news is that the spring shares are basically full and I'm starting a waiting list (frequently the first few folks on the waiting list end up getting a share).  The other thing that's exciting is that the seed orders are starting to come in, and I ordered a few new tools for the farm (including the one in the photo above).  Other than that it's book keeping season, lots of time in front of the quickbooks trying to sort out the mess from last season.  I don't recommend Quickbooks for Mac. It's mostly good, but when it screws up it makes a mess (and no it wasn't me, it was a bug that Intuit knows about). If any of you out there have an accounting program you like for the Mac let me know, I'm very tempted to switch before I get too far into another season.

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