Monday, January 16, 2012

Ordering Seeds

I finally got the seed order compiled today. I always shoot for having it done before the new year, but I frequently find myself finishing it up in January. There are a few seeds on the list that I actually need by the end of the month. Strange as it seems it's almost time to get the mini greenhouse cranked up again and in a month or so I'll be planting outside, weather permitting.

Inventorying my seed on hand took almost as long as putting together the new seed list. I have a good bit of seed from last year. There are a few new varieties I'll be mixing into the line up this year. Mostly early spring greens (or at least I hope they're early) and a complete revision of the bean varieties.

The bulk of my seed is coming from Wild Garden Seed and High Mowing Seed. Both of those companies deal with organic seed only. I still get a bit of seed from Johnny's Selected Seeds, which really does do a great job of selecting quality varieties for production. Seeds from Italy is the one other source this year. The quality of the seed I've gotten from them in the past has been excellent and they have really interesting varieties. Unfortunately they don't have a lot of organic seed and I don't love the idea of long distance shipping, but for a few special varieties I think it's a fun connection to have.

Seed feels expensive when I'm making the order, but quality in the variety selection and the vigor of the seeds makes a huge difference in the end product. I always notice that seed I save myself seems to be extra vigorous, but it's so much cheaper to buy the highest quality seed than to grow the little bit I need that I only save a few special varieties and I leave the rest up to the seed houses I trust.

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