Thursday, March 1, 2012


Snow slowed down the harvest a bit this morning. I was able to use the time to do a bit of cleanup in the greenhouse, but it did set me back enough that the share is a bit smaller than I had planned. There just wasn't enough time to harvest and clean everything.

In the share is frisee which has been incredible this winter. There is also a bunch of collard greens and the last of the salsify. There is one more share after this one so I'm hoping the weather will be good and I can load up a few of the vegetables that got missed today.  This time of year there's a lot of mud and damaged leaves to deal with so harvest and packing takes longer than at any other time of year.  That combined with the short days makes it tougher to get everything done in one day.

I made time to seed a patch of peas today as well.  The bed was prepared on Monday and it dried out just enough this afternoon to seed them and then cover the bed with plastic to speed germination.  Keep your fingers crossed, I'd love to see a good crop of shell peas this summer.

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