Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Part of the community in CSA

When I started this whole project Casey at Near East Yoga was the one that convinced me that it should be a CSA from the start, and Near East Yoga has been the main distribution site for the CSA shares since the beginning.

I've been practicing yoga at Near East for at least eight years now (I've lost track).  I started a yoga practice to strengthen my back, which I've always had some problems with.  Through the practice I've definitely become more aware of how my physical body works.  I didn't expect more than just a physical practice when I first started, but the yoga has taught me a lot more than just how to get my back stronger.

Casey is offering a new track for folks new to the practice.  Near East Yoga is very different than most yoga studios, offering more individualized instruction and an open, supporting environment for developing your own practice at your own pace.  This is a wonderful extension of eating seasonally with the CSA, and requires a similar commitment to regular practice.

I know that many of you already practice at the studio, but for those that don't this is a great way to check it out - or you might just come to a regular mysore time and learn the yoga the way I did, one pose at a time.

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