Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Happy Spring! It's still cold and wet, but I have it on good word that the La Niña pattern we've been stuck in could be going away by April - lets hope. Yesterday I was happy to have enough dry to prepare two beds well enough to get favas seeded and the above pictured Kweik lettuce starts planted.  Unfortunately the Emerald Oak and Flashy Lightning lettuce starts I planted and covered two weeks ago are hardly growing and the slugs are finding them.  Yep, it's wet and cold. This is the game every spring though.  Plan and plant with the hope of warm weather at some point, then wait. If it doesn't work out, plant more and harvest later.  Meanwhile, the garlic and chives are coming up strong, as are the radishes and turnips in the greenhouse. 

Kji enjoying the balmy lunch time weather

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