Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holding off on irrigation

The farm is getting a nice soaking today. Fortunately I had some work to do in the greenhouse. Harvest wasn't actually all that bad. I wore my rain gear which kept me dry and cozy, except for my hands, but that was miles better than the wet feet I sloshed around with on Tuesday. I potted up tomatoes today, as well as peppers. The peppers I seeded didn't actually germinate for some reason (old seed?) but fortunately Sauvie Island Organics had an extra flat after they potted up theirs. I'm very grateful to have a good network of farmer friends who can help me out when problems come up.

In the share today is the first of the lettuce. Teeny heads of emerald oak and flashy lightning are cut from what the slugs left behind in the first planting. The slugs have been worse this spring than I remember, it's probably just selective memory though. The raab continues, although this is probably its last week. You'll notice that it's a bit thinner and more open than it's been in the past two weeks, the plants are getting desperate to make flowers since I keep stealing all of the buds. To round out this week's share is a bunch of Hakurei turnips with the greens.

All this rain is good for the short term. I need to order irrigation supplies for this season and I haven't done that yet. I should probably get that done before it stops raining.

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