Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week Four of Spring Harvests

I’m still harvesting a bit off of the overwintered plantings. Today’s share has two good sized green garlics and the very last of the raab from the collards. The kale and brussels were finished off last week, and today Kji started pulling out all of the plants to make way for some of his late spring plantings. Also in the share today are the last of the early greenhouse planting of Hakurei turnips, and a teeny head of green butter lettuce. The lettuces are still sizing up, at what seems like a very slow pace. At some point they’ll surely get ahead of me, but for now I’m trying to give them a bit of space and time to grow.
I seeded a flat of melons in the greenhouse today. Melons haven’t been a good crop for me the past two years, but I love them so I keep trying. I also continued to strip the existing plants off of the bed where shallots and onions were supposed to be planted. That will have to wait for next week at this point as I’m out of time this week. I’ll hope for good bed prep conditions next week, and I’ll try to get in the onions and shallots, as well as the leeks.

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