Thursday, April 5, 2012

Super Big Spring Share

This is perhaps the biggest spring share I can every remember giving out, much bigger than I originally intended.  I don't want to intimidate anyone with an excess of vegetables, or set unrealistic expectations for future shares, but there was so much good stuff in the field that wasn't going to hold that I felt like I should share the bounty.  Most of it will hold well in the refrigerator, so if it doesn't get used right away, that's fine.

There are two kinds of raab, kale and collards. These are the flower buds of the overwintered plants, along with some stem and small leaves.  It's all super tasty, super nutritious and only available for a short window of time in the spring.  I like it chopped coarsely, sauteed with a bit of olive oil and salt (I like most things that way). There's a huge head of frisee, which is really the thing that makes the share super big.  These are leftover from winter, and are from the same planting that I've been harvesting since late last fall.  They've changed a bit over time and are very dense and well blanched. I'm still enjoying these heads as a raw salad. It needs a bit of extra washing because they're so tight that they're holding a bit of extra soil in the creases.  Another great salad "green" is Ruby Streaks mustard.  This is very mild and delicate, and very red. A small bunch of chives could spice up your dressing, or a bit of yogurt or butter, or maybe flavor some biscuits.  Finally, a good number of Pink Beauty radishes would also go well in salad, or maybe even better on a butter and radish sandwich.  The greens are good cooked as well, not that you need any more greens, but they are good.

It was rainy in the field this afternoon, on and off, even a bit of hail. I did manage to get some sod stripped from beds that will be planted next week, weather permitting. Those beds are destined for kale and beets, and maybe a bit more spinach. I'm hoping for some nice, warm, dry days next week.  Might be wishful thinking.

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