Monday, October 8, 2012

Summer Fades

It's been an amazing run of sunny dry weather we've had so far. This morning was the first frost significant enough to do any damage, and only to the most sensitive herb, basil. Summer vegetables are basically done at this point. The summer squash and cucumber plants are composting tomatoes have just about given up for the season and the kale and chard are starting to recover from the heat stress of the summer. Peppers, they way I grow them, outside, without plastic, I think of as an early fall vegetable. This is probably the final week for them, but it's been a good season so far, especially compared to the last two. In the share there's also the last few tomatoes and a head of lettuce. The lettuce may hang in there for a week more. Today I harvested fennel, which is very nice, fronds are in there too and can be used in salad, or cooked. This has been the best beet year I've had on the farm so far, by far. I apologize if there's anyone out there who hasn't figured out how great beets are yet, there have been quite a few this year and they should keep coming. Both the roots and the greens are edible, but they should be separated for storage (I should have done this for you, next time perhaps). Finally, theres a few sprigs of thyme for seasoning (not in the above photo for some reason). 

Clean up in the fields  continues and tomorrow I'm hoping to get a bunch of cover crop seeded. It's supposed to actually rain this weekend which would be good for the cover crop seeds. We'll see what actually happens.

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