Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beautiful Brassicas

From SHF 2011

Once again, a brassica filled share. Today we have (from left to right) mizuna, kale raab, gold frill mustard, and arugula. Some of the arugula and gold frill are a little spicy in the mustard way as they're getting very close to bolting (and actually a few already have). If you don't like that flavor, cooked is better than raw. The mizuna is very mild raw, and can also be cooked. The kale raab, which is probably the last of the year, is very sweet and is great cooked by also makes a good snack raw.

From SHF 2011

In other news, we're finally considering a power tool for the farm (other than the numerous construction tools we've used to build benches and shelves). Yianni borrowed a Neuton electric mower from his parents (who are great CSA members). It doesn't have a lot of power, but it's super light weight, very easy manuver and to adjust, and quiet and it may be the perfect thing for our sod pathways. We're appreciating the sod in the rain, although it might be better if we just got rid of it all together as we have on half of the beds on the farm.

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