Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still Wet and Cold

But we're managing to get a few transplants in the ground and pull a few vegetables out as well. In todays share we're finishing up the first outside seeding of Pink Beauty radishes. There's a bit of slug damage, but not so bad. We finished up the first, very small, heads of Flashy Lightning lettuce. We're still going on the collard, brussels and kale raab, even though I thought two weeks ago was going to be the end of it. Today we also introduce the green garlic. This is Chesnook Red, if you're keeping score. We actually are thinning a planting that was planted closer together than we intended. I'm actually hoping this works out nicely because it gives us a little excuse to weed at the same time. In the future we might intentionally do it this way.

It is still wet and cold, and it's making seeding in the fields nearly impossible. It's also making transplanting very messy, and the plants are just stalled in the ground. I think we'll be ok for the spring and early summer, especially if it warms up in May, but it would be a lot nicer, and a bit less work, if we could get a little warm, dry weather.

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