Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Raab

First spring harvest of 2011 and we have three different raabs in the share, along with a small bunch of radishes. Some of the radishes are a bit oversized, but they're still tasty (at least the ones I sampled were). The raabs are from our overwintered rainbow lacinato kale, a bit of mizuna from the greenhouse (those are the ones with the yellow flowers), and some actual "spring raab" broccoli raab, also from the greenhouse. None of the items in the share will keep well so cook them up soon (or eat them raw!). I love raab as a side, sauteed in olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt. It's also great on pasta or in soup, especially the heartier kale raab. The radish greens are also edible and can be prepared the same way. The roots are fantastic with butter and salt on a baguette.

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