Thursday, April 21, 2011

Share Three

A few new items in the share this week, and we start to move away from the all brassica share. There are two brassicas: radishes and a mix of raab from collards, brussels sprouts, spring raab and kale. The radishes are a new variety for us, pink beauty, and they do look quite nice. The seed is from our friend Frank at Wild Garden Seed. In the non-brassica category we've broken out the lettuce and hope to have a steady supply for the rest of the spring. These are the first, very small, heads. They're mostly flashy lightning, but a few off types are in there as well. We've got a bit of baby Tyee spinach as well. We've grown Bloomsdale in the past, which is an older variety with a lot of history. The Tyee is straight up commercial organic F1 hybrid seed and it is way, way more productive for us. I hate to have to say that, but this is the first really good germination we've gotten in almost two years, and the plants are looking good, even in the cold. It also has an organic coating on the seeds which is supposed to improve germination, and that certainly hasn't hurt. We hope to have more spinach in a couple of weeks if all goes well outside.

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