Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Loaded Up

I know, I know, enough of the bike photos. Just this last one (for a while at least). I really do love riding to the farm though.
Yesterday, despite constant mini showers, I was able to make good headway on clearing the onion and shallot bed, as well as a bit of the leek bed and space for this week’s lettuce planting. I also managed to get the majority of the rocks out of the 8’x4’ space for the lettuce, I’m guessing it was 200 lbs or so of fist sized rocks. During the worst of the rain showers I took shelter in the greenhouse, at which point the sun came out in order to bake me under the plastic. But, I did get the brussels sprouts and summer squash seeded before having to retreat.
I did not take any time to take a photo of the farm however. That will have to be remedied next week, and thus, the bike photo today.

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